About Me

About Me

About Me

Photography. Is it art? Science? Both?

"PHOTOGRAPHER" = passionate; perseverant; creative; insatiable drive for perfection; hard worker; gets up very early; God-given "eye for the shot;" continuing education; loves geeky software; obsessed with detail; never stops trying to make an image better; fearless; fails often, but learns from failure; resilient; explorer; inquisitive; loves "Blue Hour;" desperately needs an understanding spouse; loves camera gear (and then more camera gear).

I'm a loving husband of 44 years, proud father and grandfather, mayor, lawyer, divemaster, and underwater photography instructor - but photography is my passion.

Whether with my Mavic Pro Platinum, Nikon Z8, or Nikon Z6II with Aquatica housing and INON strobes, I'll be there for the next adventure.

Words to live by: "Do, or do not; there is no try." -Master Yoda

The art of photography is making extraordinary out of the ordinary

People Say



Drone photography has introduced a completely new perspective to photography. From the air, the world looks particularly interesting.


Photography in its native form. Landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, sports, panoramas … With modern software, there are virtually no limits to creativity.


Waterproof housings now allow us to share the wonders and magnificence of underwater life. It is a beautiful and under-appreciated part of our world.