About Me

About Me

About Me

Photography. Is it art? Science? Both?

"PHOTOGRAPHER" = passionate; perseverant; creative; insatiable drive for perfection; hard worker; gets up very early; God-given "eye for the shot;" continuing education; loves geeky software; obsessed with detail; never stops trying to make an image better; fearless; fails often, but learns from failure; resilient; explorer; inquisitive; loves "Blue Hour;" desperately needs an understanding spouse; loves camera gear (and then more camera gear).

I'm a loving husband of 42 years, proud father and grandfather, mayor, lawyer, divemaster, and underwater photography instructor - but photography is my passion.

Whether with my Mavic Pro Platinum, Nikon D850, or SeaLife D2000, I'll be there for the next adventure.

Words to live by: "Do, or do not; there is no try." -Master Yoda

The art of photography is making extraordinary out of the ordinary

People Say



Drone photography has introduced a completely new perspective to photography. From the air, the world looks particularly interesting.


Photography in its native form. Landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, sports, panoramas … With modern software, there are virtually no limits to creativity.


Waterproof housings now allow us to share the wonders and magnificence of underwater life. It is a beautiful and under-appreciated part of our world.